Race Report 7/2/10
Lee USA Speedway

After a 2 year absence from NASCAR Late Model racing, BJ Piekarski has come back to the local tracks after racing in the SCCA Road Course series in '08-'09. This year BJ has come with good backing from Toyota of Nashua, Collision Centers of New Hampshire, MAC HB, and Pines.

With all these factors and teaming back up with his old time crew and crew chief, the team has the factors to be a front running team. This past friday night BJ Piekarski had a tough start to his evening, by having to drop out of the heat race due to an electrical problem in which the engine was not getting the proper amount of fuel. Luckily, the #19 team was able to get the car back together in which they had to start 16th in the NASCAR Late Model feature.

Piekarski's game plan that he discussed prior to the race was simple, get used to the car, and try to avoid the wrecks, and don't focus on the finishing position. On lap 3 this all changed, as Piekarski was able to snake through a 6 car pileup going into turn 2 and came through unscaved without even a scratch. On the lap 5 restart, Piekarski jumped to the inside line and moved his way up to 7th and was running down the #24 of Jeff Labrecque. Due to a spin on lap 17 the field was once again reset. Piekarski kept his front bumper glued to the #2 of J.R. Baril and moved up to 6th, and 1 lap later jumped to the inside of Baril. The two battled it out side by side for the next 15 laps without even getting together and this was by far the race to watch and they put on quite a show for the fans. On lap 32 BJ was finally able to clear Baril and went home to take a strong 5th place finish in which a night they had simple goals.

BJ would like to send out a special thanks to his Dad (Mark Piekarski), spotter (Mike Rancourt), and the rest of his crew, Mom, Chase, Luke, Aaron, Nicole and Colleen.

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